Sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry but I was taking them as I went.

This is my Singing Ariel doll from the Disney Store bought in August 2013. She stands 16” tall and comes with two outfits (as you can see in the picture). As well as the outfits, she comes with purple and blue hair accessories, a jewelled purple hair brush and little figures of Sebastian and Flounder.

I love her as when you touch her left hand she sings parts of 'Part Of Your World'I was pleasantly surprised about this as the sound quality is actually really good. Every singing doll I had as a child sounded like they had recorded it off of a VHS of the film from across the room. But this is actually very good! She has brilliantly poseable hair (as weird as that sounds!) and the dress (which is the one she is wearing as she walks out of the ocean at the end of the film) is my favourite outfit of hers as she looks so stunning and grown up ^_^ 

There are a few things I don’t like about this dolls. She has the exact same face mould as the special edition Ariel (see earlier post) but with a little less paint. It’s wonderfully painted but it seems a little lazy since she cost nearly a 1/4 of the special edition doll. Having said that, the face is lovely, so I don’t really mind. Another thing is that she has very little articulation in her arms. She has joints at the shoulders so you can move them up and down as normal. Yet at the elbows you can only bend them in or out a little so you can’t really pose her in a normal position. 

All in all, she is really lovely doll and I’m really glad I decided to get her! Both outfits are lovely, the accessories are fun, and a little thing that I love is that she hasn’t got any shoes included (every doll has shoes even when they don’t wear them, like Rapunzel and Pocahontas) which is a lovely attention to detail. 




Hey guys, I’m doing a little research here. I want to know what you thought of Frozen!

Did you think it was an ok Disney movie. Did you think it was the best thing Disney has ever made or did you rather dislike it? Let me know!!

I’ll post what I’m doing very soon :)


Lucy x



My Limited Edition Ariel. Ain’t she beautiful? 

She’s has the same body mould as the Bride Rapunzel (see my later post about her). Her hair is very long and wavy and it’s glued that way at the bottom which is …..weird. As I was posing her, bits of her hair was separating from the waves so now it looks a little strange. She has a cute blue starfish on her hair which is an adorable edition.

Her bra top is lovely and detailed but be careful when taking her out of the packaging as it’s attached to her torso with elastic. The tail is designed to be like large scales and they are a different shade depending which way you are looking at them, which looks really awesome. The fins are a lighter green with green diamantes and they are adjustable, which means you can pose her in a swim pose or just have her upright.

I have always had issues with the eyelashes on these special edition dolls as I don’t believe they need them or give them any more glamour. Though they are nice, I don’t think they really need them. My doll also has strange brownish marks on both of her arms which wont come off which is a little annoying. But apart from these little issues, she really is a beautiful doll and I’m very glad I bought her :)



Rapunzel doll bought in the Disney Store in London’s Westfield shopping centre in 2011. So her hair wouldn’t get ruined I decided to braid it, which I think looks quite nice (I wish I had little flowers to put in it!). One of the best things about this doll is that she came with no shoes, which is adorable and right.

Flynn was bought in Manchester some time later. His head is good, but his costume is very dull and flat. There isn’t much detail, which is odd as other Princes is the range are. To liven him up a little, I gave him a spare tiara/crown to hold. I will post more detailed pictures my Princes soon.



Out of all of my dolls, Bride Rapunzel is my favourite. She was given to me last year (May 2012) as an anniversary gift from my wonderful boyfriend Christopher. She stands approx 17 inches high, and comes complete with crown, veil, shoes and stand. There were only 8000 made worldwide and mine is number 6861.

The detail is just amazing. The intricate designs on the torso of the dress and the edging the skirt is beautiful. Also the tiny details, like her ring, removable white shoes, and the sun designs on the veil make this a beautiful doll to own. The only thing I would have changed is the eyelashes. The whole doll stays very true to the films design, but her eyelashes are very long and look a little out of place. 

If you can get hold of one of these dolls, I would high recommend it as she is stunning and would be a great addition to any collection.




Is there a bit of a theme appearing here? 

Ariel is my second favourite Disney Princess (my first being Belle). So when I saw this doll, it was a no brainer! She was bought in Disneyland Paris in 2011 by a very excited me.

In the past when I was in DLP last (in…..2003 I think), I was on a school trip with people I thought were friends. I saw an Ariel Bride doll and bought her, telling said ‘friends’ that it was for my cousin as I feared they would mock me. Which they did, for a long time afterwards. They even brought it up when we were leaving high school thinking that I would find their hurtful mocking and talking-behind-my-back-ness hilarious now. Wrong. I do not talk to these people any more, nor will I ever want to. So the purchase of this doll was quite empowering and gave me a kind of glow. Not only was I buying something I wanted- not caring what anybody thought of the situation - but I was buying it with someone I knew loved me and embraced the fact I loved collecting dolls. So she is extra special to me.

Anyway back to the doll itself. In my opinion, the face is the most accurate I have ever seen. A lot of distributors give her overly big eyes that don’t fit with the rest of her features, or they make her look like a red headed Barbie. On this doll she looks elegant and beautiful, yet it keeps the innocence and youth of the character. Her dress is very Disney Princess with a lot of sparkle and a lot of netty layers! I love the sleeves and shoulders are in keeping with the film design, though the rest is different and more busy, but it works. Unfortunately, her white heeled shoes were lost in transit when I moved last year, but when found they shall be kept secret and safe. I would also have preferred the tiara to be the same as in the film, though it may not have fit with the dress since there is no gold detailing. If only there was a groom Eric sold separately! (I do have a groom Eric but he is in a set with another Ariel)



Hey folks, I have a new blog about my Disney collections and stories. Take a look and share with me anything you like :)




Hi folks! I have a new blog about my Disney collections and stories. Have a look! http://lucyvpoppins.tumblr.com/


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There are so many reasons why I love this man.

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